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Blog EntryNov 4, '12 3:13 AM
for everyone
  • An important letter from Vassula‏

Newsletters | 03/11/2012

Dear TLIG friends,

I have come back from Latin America just yesterday.  Our return took us 20 hours with 7 hours difference.  I still have jet lag.  Gethsemane is preparing the report. It will take some time as many things happened.  First I witnessed in Mexico City where Hilda and the prayer group arranged for me this meeting, as well as in different TV stations apart from the big meeting.  Then I went to Guadalajara where the Pelayos made a big meeting of around 3500 people if not more, and TV stations too.  Then I went to Monterrey and had the same as the other cities.  All had thousands of people.  Altogether maybe 5-6 thousand.  Let alone the widespread TV stations.  After that Gethsemane and I went to Peru, a good 7 hour trip where of course our luggage did not arrive.  It was late at night and you can imagine having to fill papers for our missing luggage that night.  Javier Barbagelata had invited me over for their retreat but also to speak in public in the church.  Many new people came.  As you see the message to this day has not reached everyone and always new people who knew nothing are still getting to know the TLIG messages and are coming.  All of this trip was done in 2 weeks. 

Now I'm back but only for a short time as on the 10th I'm off again to Washington for meeting the publisher of the new book (the teaser book) entitled "Heaven is Real but so is Hell".  This book is to promote the one book of TLIG.   I worked on it for more than 4 years with a multiple of ferocious, vicious attacks.  After I get back from the USA I don't go home but remain in transit in the airport of Athens to take the SWISS air and go to Geneva, spend the night there and the next day start the French marathon.  I have to travel in 5 big cities in France to witness.  This mission will take me up to the 26th November.  But when I return home, I have only 2 days before leaving again for India.  Then the Philippines.  I will be back on the 19th December only.  On the 24th December, Christmas Eve, Per and I will go to Stockholm to have Christmas with our families.  I shall be back with Per on the 4th January.

When I opened yesterday my emails, I saw that there were over 100 of them.  People know I was away, and during my mission I do not open my emails because there is a lot of demand from these meetings and am swarmed with work and people and engagements.  So it is out of the question I could do everything.  Now all of you know that I will be unavailable to read messages until the 4th January and I would appreciate that no one sends me emails during the time I'm away. 

The other thing I want to share with you.  Jesus made me feel very strongly that His call for witnessing is not being heard from the readers of TLIG. One of the reasons too that he stopped publishing the messages I am receiving.  In the past, I had selected witnesses to witness and organizers. This more or less has died out since several years.  I realized it more when I heard the Brazilians, and the Peruvians who were on fire, showing us by powerpoint what they do to expand the message.  The Peruvians are 2 ladies who work together.  It is not that they are free, meaning without husbands, grandchildren, family and work. They have that too, and one of them is a practicing psychiatrist.  They have their jobs too.  But they listened to the messages, acted upon them and doing what God asked: to place Him first in your life. Then all the rest goes smoothly.  Up to now they have done over 1000 witnessing in various places, such as in hospitals, nurses, doctors, in churches to priests, in schools, houses, universities, etc. and most important: different churches, gathering the Anglicans, Greek Orthodox etc. altogether in one church (I saw that they were in the Orthodox church and preaching to the clergy!!  We saw them gathering these churches in one, and witnessing. The message is moving.  Their prayer groups are booming and expanding. Their BM's as well, some have become self sufficient.  Then the Brazilians are doing the same thing.  They also have prepared an excellent agenda of 2013 that evangelizes every day with a short message, and including all the Roman Catholic and Orthodox feast days of the year and saints.  This was also delayed because, again here, they were never given any response when they asked for permission to publish it.  The one responsible to answer them has not done so.  Of course now they will publish it. 

Why am I going to France?  I am going to put again new seeds, fresh seeds in that apostatized country. The seeds I had spread years back dried out for lack of watering them thus not allowing them to grow.  In fact all of Europe has dried up and died out and all the work that had been done in the past by my witnessing multiplying it to be known, has now gone into the archives, it has become past history. A complacent spirit as well as a lethargic spirit has overshadowed the USA, Canada, but mainly Europe and some other countries in Asia which today, not only the message should show its constancy and bringing in a lot of new people, but also the prayer groups should have multiplied.  Some would say, "but our Bishop and our priests are persecuting us," we all know that, and they too do not have it easy but they DO the work.  This deceptive spirit makes our people think they are still doing our Lord's Will for the messages, and feel good about it.  But in reality the devil has made them look in another direction.  A direction that does not multiply the fruit.  One should ask: is your fruit multiplying or not?  If it is, then you are doing fine, if it has become stagnant or died out, then you have failed His Calling.  I'm sorry if I sound black and white, but this feeling inside me is given by our Lord.  Also the Lord revealed to me that this complacent spirit, makes them feel good when reading our Lord's messages, especially when they know that what the Lord says to me is for them too.  'Take away Vassula's name and put in your name' He said.  They would replace my name then with theirs and they feel our Lord intensely speaking to them, and that is good, but then, how is it that they give a deaf ear to the messages that are calling out to go "and be like a loud book" "be my Echo", so as to spread His message?   What does that mean?   Go, it means, leave your comfort, and evangelize.  Has it become a supermarket of "Pick and Choose?"  We pick up what is convenient and the rest we leave behind?  In that case stop replacing your name with mine. 

You can tell, just by seeing how many lay people are being served, in our pilgrimages.  700 at least.  Where are those 700 when they are asked to pull up their sleeves and witness??  The pilgrimages are prepared by just a handful of people as you know, and this is what is called: Serving.  They are serving all of us!  We like to be served and enjoy the work of others, but why have so many forgotten 'to serve' as well? 

The Lord has said: "the biggest service you can render me is to bring Me one soul back to Me."  To bring one soul back to God is done by evangelization.  By witnessing, like those 2 ladies I mentioned.  All other works for God, services, are secondary as you know.  God says clearly what is the most important service for Him.  But God revealed to me lately His disappointment when He showed me how the TLIG people have neglected the most important part of God's work, that made me weep.  The disappointment of having failed Him.  Of having been taken for a ride by Satan, thinking that we TLIG people are indeed working for Him, killing ourselves for Him, with secondary works, but neglecting totally the greatest work and that is to offer Him sacrificial Love as the latest message of our Lady said, which means, you have to leave your interests for his. and go and witness.  But our lady mentioned also "many have fallen away but many will be raised." 

Europe is dead with the TLIG messages.  Italy e.g. To this day, Radio Maria is hammering against the messages of God, and has literally buried it.  But if we did have meetings, witnesses, at least part of it would still be alive.  But there is no initiative for witnessing in cities.  As for Germany, there is a spirit of anger looming over Germany, a spirit of ego and pride, and with these spirits hovering over Germany, God's messages are being suffocated by these 3 evil spirits.  Switzerland too has dried up.  After all, Switzerland had been privileged for 11 years, while I was there giving them a monthly meeting.  Where has all this gone?  I was gathering in the last meeting over 1000 people in that public prayer group.  But now, there too, the life giving Spirit that once was there has disappeared. Due to lack of witnesses.  Argentina too has a spirit of control.  As for Spain, there is a deceiving spirit of ego that paralyzes and blows away all that God wanted to do and distribute His gifts to multiply the fruits.  Where are the multiplication of prayer groups and the constant witnessing?  Where are the distribution of books?  As for France, there too, there is a spirit of self-satisfaction, self esteem, and of complacency that makes them feel good.  Books are missing as well.  England as well as Ireland are now lying in a cemetery.  There is a spirit of death that looms over Europe and it will be hard to resurrect these countries.  As for Holland too, and Belgium, they got the same spirit of feeling persecuted, helpless but also a spirit of ego and complacency.  Greece too, although they blame that their clergy are harsh on them, and they are right to say so, they have forgotten the main calling: to go out and witness in different houses, and places.  To move out of their comfort and this is for everyone now.  To go and serve God by witnessing MONTHLY and not wait from one hand only.  As for Asia too, Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan etc. all of these have given up witnessing and are preoccupied with other things.  So what is needed?  A constant meeting, meaning witnessing, not once a month, but at least twice a month if you want to serve God. 

I am still traveling. This has been going on for 25 years now. You will say, "but you are different, your calling and mission is different than ours."  Then tell me please, why are you replacing my name with yours?  Can you answer me why?  Is it to obtain only the spiritual knowledge and grace I have obtained?  Or are you also called to become an apostle of the End of Times?  God has come to you, chosen you among billions who still do not know or have met the TLIG messages.  God changed your life, and converted you, so are you going to just sit there and not pass on the message?  As He said, "I have laid out a rich banquet for everyone.."  Are you still hanging around that table eating and not thinking to bring the others from out there who are starving and cannot see where this rich banquet is? 

If I stop witnessing and sit home, the TLIG messages will eventually die out and it will go into the archives only. I feel the disappointment of our Lord very strongly for many, many have not put their best in this work . England should feel ashamed.  No active prayer groups.  No witnesses are moving.

Now I'm going to France, but is France going to water the new seeds?  Are they going to continue what I am doing since they are replacing my name with theirs in the messages??  The messages call for sacrificial love.  But if we don't feel that sort of love, let us ask ourselves, "is our flame dying?"  Jesus says in his message of 30.3.92 :
Who will give away his motives for My Motives? who is willing to give up his interests for Mine?  Who will seek what is least sought in this world and bear It with love? - My Cross - and who is ready to seek what is least sought among you, who will seek: Love?  Come, pray for the conversion of the world;

So long as our groups that exist and the readers of TLIG still quarrel with petty things, bickering on one another, there will be no progress for it is just the opposite to what we have been called to do and represent to the rest of the world.  So long as we don't respond to the other one's needs, not even by email (and this I know) hindering God's work in this way, we won't go forward.  So long as there is a contradicting spirit of control taking oneself above the others, needing permission from the one who says represents TLIG, even using my name to endorse their demands on others, (a lot use my name falsely), this spirit of dictatorship will damage even more the messages and the work I and others did. 

The delay of the One Book in all languages too is important to mention. Spain, and Greece apparently are almost ready to publish. They still say they have one more book for translation.  In the meantime, they have run out of books in Spain and in Italy and this is worse, they have hardly any book out!  Nice, not only has Satan 'killed' the message and watered it down from Radio Maria, but also made sure that no books are out in Italian.  Like the message never existed.  The Lord made me understand that Satan is hushing down the messages in putting into our mind, that the messages unless they are PERFECTLY WELL translated they should not circulate out!  Thus he silenced the message as well, not only the evangelizing but the message too!  I know that even with Lucien's translation that the French say is imperfect, (non of the first translations were perfect anyway) and yet they converted many souls in their imperfection!!  The French, are waiting for perfectionism, and some books are missing of the messages

Will there be enough in France???  My fear again is to face a deception.  So may I suggest the following.  I already have spoken to the Mexican and Peruvian people.  Their books are in many volumes.  If one wants to buy the whole set it costs US$75.  So my question is to the translators and to the Foundation: what is more important and urgent for God?  To have the message available for everyone or wait months and months to have what we can call a perfect book?  In the meantime, this stops the evangelization for lack of books.  I would like to answer: I need the one book to be out in all languages and not wait for finishing all the corrections and the perfection ASAP.  And when we do have everything perfected and corrected, when we run out of the first publication we publish with the corrected version again.  After all, the english one book has been constantly corrected and even now we have a long list of mistakes for the next publication to insert.  But it is inadmissible to stop printing just because we have 'to wait for perfection'.

So I would like to see the Spanish one book out ASAP so that this crazy price of 75 dollars stops.  I would like to have all the one books in all languages out, with the format we have prepared.  Nick McBride has the format.  Ask it from him!  I will see Albert soon and discuss with him.  We have to open the dam and let the River flow and gush out.

Let's get out of this lethargic spirit that veils our eyes, and a spirit of deception, and look what is most important today.  Start moving evangelizing not once a month, but all the time, in houses hospitals etc.  And if you do write your name to come to the pilgrimage of next year, ask yourself: I am being served now, but have I served God at all?  Have I met with His demands?  Have I done what was needed most: to evangelize, have I brought any soul back to Him, and am I really an Apostle of the end of Times? Or am I one of those who take and never give?  Am I ever to lower my voice to hear His voice?  Have I ever lowered my head so that they see His Head?  Have I understood what is to lower myself, so that the Lord lifts me? 

In Christ,

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