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A critical website on Vassula Rydén's True Life in God messages

Another lawsuit against Infovassula.ch,

this time in England


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 I received yesterday (May 2, 2012) the following letter from UK solicitors representing Vassula Ryden and the Foundation for True Life in God, demanding that I turn over to them the domain name Infovassula, because "Vassula" and "True Life in God" are registered international trademarks and I cannot use those words in my domain name. They state that I am using the domain name infovassula.ch as an instrument of fraud, because it contains negative information regarding Vassula. They claim they have been damaged because some of their followers didn't understand (!) that it is a critical website and not an official website of Mrs Ryden's. They also accuse me of trying to pass myself as a member of Vassula's organization!  I'm not even going to comment the letter, just read it below.

Unfortunately, I can take no more of this. So, I am going to close the website at the end of May and unfortunately, since I do not have the means financially nor mentally to face another lawsuit (see tliglawsuit.htm), no matter how ridiculous it is, I am constrained to hand over the domain name to Vassula in June 2012. Infovassula will then cease to be a critical website and will join the cohort of pro-Vassula websites that proliferate in the Internet.

Maria Laura Pio

3 May 2012, (minor edits 8 May)


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Note: The above undertaking was never signed by Mrs Pio.