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A critical website on Vassula Ryden and the True Life in God messages

Doctrinal errors, negative elements & contradictions

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List of Articles:

WB00955_.GIF (255 bytes)  NEW  Demystifying Fr. Iannuzzi's article: Why we should be suspicious of the nihil obstat and imprimatur given to Vassula's True Life in God messages Recently, Fr. Joseph Iannuzzi, a long-time supporter of Vassula, has written a lengthy article developing the thesis that the nihil obstat and imprimatur given to Vassula's books were an "exercise of the Magisterium" and therefore "Christians are prohibited from setting themselves up as their judge and from publicly condemning them".

However, a critical examination of the matter reveals that the nihil obstat and imprimatur were not sought in accordance with Canon Law dispositions and that they contradict the CDF's constant public declarations that the TLIG messages contain doctrinal errors. (Added April 2018)


WB00955_.GIF (255 bytes)  Vassula Rydén: a new attempt to silence her critics Vassula Rydén visited the General Superior of the Dominican Friars to complain about Fr. Dermine o.p., author of a critical analysis of her writings. But this is not the first time that she attempts to silence her critics. (Added August 2017)


WB00955_.GIF (255 bytes)  "Vassula Rydén: the reasons of the Church" by François-Marie Dermine O.P. Father Dermine's presents for the first time on the Internet the proof of the censuring and modification of the original messages by the seer (the famous fotocopies of Fr. Pavich). Download available. Click here (Added on January 23, 2008)


WB00955_.GIF (255 bytes)   Link to Fr. Mitch Pacwa's 1995 Touchstone article: "The Spirit of the Prophetess" Fr. Pacwa, a well-known EWTN anchor, explains how he got involved with the writings of Vassula Ryden and discusses the errors and confusions he found in them. (Link added on July 4th, 2006)


WB00955_.GIF (255 bytes)   "An analysis of Vassula Rydén's Jesus" by Ingerlise Provstgaard. A series of reflections on the True Life in God messages, covering the means of transmission of the messages as well as the contents, and particularly focusing on the personality of the Jesus presented in Vassula Ryden's writings. The author goes right to the point with concrete examples. It is also an interesting view of the messages from a Protestant perspective.  Download available. More info (Added on December 14th, 2007)


WB00955_.GIF (255 bytes)   Link to Joe Nickell's article "Heaven's Stenographer: The 'Guided' Hand of Vassula Ryden" published on the Skeptical Enquirer in March/April 2011. The article presents a non-religious evaluation from a member of the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry (CSI), who is an expert in writing and forgery, member of the International Association of Forensic Linguists.  (Link added in March 2013)


WB00882_1.GIF (970 bytes)  NEW Reading Guide to Heaven is real, but so is hell. A chapter by chapter commentary. (Added October 2014)


WB00955_.GIF (255 bytes)  Marketing Vassula The professional marketing campaign promoting Vassula's new book Heaven is real, but so is hell aimed at "Christian, New Age and Spiritual consumers", and the key role followers were made to play. (Added May 2013)


WB00955_.GIF (255 bytes)  This is how Vassula wanted to get on the New York Times bestsellers list (Added March/April 2013)


WB00955_.GIF (255 bytes)  Link to the False Mystics category of the Ephesians-511 blog: http://ephesians511blog.com/tag/Vassula-Ryden/ A very valuable ressource for articles on Vassula Ryden that have been published on the Internet.


WB00955_.GIF (255 bytes)  Vassula and her group took over the Catholic church of Rhodes during the 2010 TLIG retreat Holy Mass was celebrated in the parish church of St. Mary by Archbishop Arguelles regardless of the Vicar General's vehement protests. (Added July 20, 2011).


WB00955_.GIF (255 bytes)  Official TLIG websites' reactions to the announcement by the Patriarchate of Constantinople Despite the fact that the Foundation for TLIG admits that the announcement of the Patriarchate of Constantinople is an acusation of heresy and that the Holy Synod asks that the spreading of the messages cease immediately, Mrs Ryden has continued with her scheduled conferences throughout Europe, promoting her books (Added May 30, 2011).


WB00955_.GIF (255 bytes)  Vassula charges the Church of wanting to eliminate the Name of God from Scripture (Added on February 14, 2011)


WB00955_.GIF (255 bytes)  Illicit concelebration during Vassula's visit to Romania in May 2010 (Added on December 9, 2010)


WB00955_.GIF (255 bytes)   Vassula Ryden claims that her prayer groups prevented a meteor from crashing on earth (Added on May 5, 2010)


WB00955_.GIF (255 bytes)   Link to the updated second edition of "Contra Vassula Ryden", previously published on the blog A Catechumen's Tale. An interesting analysis of Mrs Ryden's writings, expanded to include responses to criticism received by the author. Read here: http://designofprovidence.blogspot.com/2010/06/contra-vassula-ryden-second-edition.html (Added on July 13, 2010)


WB00955_.GIF (255 bytes)   TLIG creates new doctrine on "mortal sin" and "sin against the Holy Spirit". How TLIG demonizes dissent.


WB00955_.GIF (255 bytes)   Link to Ingerlise Provstgaard's article: "Kritisk Information om Vassula Rydén (in English)" Ingerlise Provstgaard is a writer and lecturer on the dangers of occult practices. She is a member of the board of “Dialogcentret”, a private Christian organisation based in Denmark, which studies sects and New Age phenomena and provides advice to victims of such groups. Ingerlise Provstgaard has written several books and articles in Danish covering the dangers of occult practices (including her own dramatic experience with automatic writing as a young adult), New Age and the misuse of the Bible by some Christian groups. Now a retired teacher, she lives with her husband in Denmark and confesses the Protestant faith. Her article on Vassula Ryden is also available in Danish. (Link added on February 7, 2007).


WB00955_.GIF (255 bytes)   A theologian's view on TLIG: Interview of theologian Fr. Fran�ois Dermine, author of a critical study on Vassula Ryden's case.


WB00955_.GIF (255 bytes)   Mother Angelica (EWTN) and TLIG: Transcriptions of two "Mother Angelica Live" 1995 programs, including an interview of theologian Fr. Mitch Pacwa explaining some of the errors contained in the messages. (This item was added on September 9, 2004) See also Fr. Pacwa's 1995 Touchstone article: "The Spirit of the Prophetess"



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