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A critical website on Vassula Ryden's True Life in God messages

This is how Vassula wanted to get on the

New York Times bestsellers list

March/April 2013

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Vassula and local TLIG associations have been giving instructions to followers on how and when to buy her new book "Heaven is real, but so is Hell", in order to get it picked up by the New York Times (NYT) bestsellers list.


In a mail sent to followers towards the end of February 2013, Vassula explains how the NYT list works and how a relatively small group of people willing to buy dozens of copies in a coordinated way, can get a book on the NYT bestsellers list.


According to the TLIG electronic Newsletter in French sent to subscribers on 5 March 2013:

"In order to be considered a bestseller, the orders for a book have to exhibit the steepest ascending curve possible during the 15 days preceding its publication, corresponding to about 1'000 orders per day, in order to achieve 10'000 to 15'000 orders during that period of time. This sampling period will begin on Monday 11 March and will end on 24 March included."


The Newsletter advises followers to place orders for several copies of Vassula's book every day during that period of time on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, but to not exceed 8 copies per order, because bigger orders do not count for the sampling. Followers are also asked to continue buying the book in this coordinated way until the beginning of April "to avoid a fall in sales".


In order to better coordinate the operation, a "Sales Thermometer" has been put on the book's blog (see: http://heavenisrealbook.com/sales/ ).  Even followers who do not read English have been asked to participate in the operation. Vassula writes: "What will you do with the books? If you speak English you read it [sic]. If not, give as present or better still sell it and you will get your money back".


In a previous mail, Vassula has told her followers that her new book has been "approved and signed by God", and described it as a 'lure' or 'bait': "When the fish will taste this bait, they will want more; it will take them to want to know and read the True Life in God  book of messages." (TLIG electronic Newsletter in French sent to subscribers on 2 February 2013).


Who is Vassula Ryden?

Vassula Ryden is a controversial Greek Orthodox seer, who claims to receive messages from God through "guided handwriting", that she has published with the title "True Life in God". Several experts (Dermine, James, Pacwa, Provstgaard, Nickell) have identified it as automatic writing. The content of the messages is religious, a sort of revival of biblical texts and teachings from the Catholic and Orthodox Churches, with a tendency towards apocalyptic themes and prophecies.


Both the Greek Orthodox and Roman Catholic Churches have issued warnings regarding her teachings and have advised against the participation of the faithful in the activities organized by her local "True Life in God" associations.



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Vassula's letter announcing the launch of her new book

Heaven is Real, But So is Hell

Source: TLIG electronic Newsletter of January 18, 2013.

Dear TLIG Supporter,

May the Lord be praised for what I am about to share with you!

In the midst of our modern culture which continues to turn its back on God, HE is once again offering us a solution to lead millions back to Him, BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE. We have been praying for God's help and HE IS ANSWERING OUR PRAYERS.

I have written a captivating new book. It will be published in March 2013, and with your help it will reach millions of people. It is called, Heaven is Real, But So is Hell. I believe it could be the most powerful tool for evangelization and for drawing people to discover the TLIG messages.

Heaven is Real... will attract believers and non-believers alike. I have written detailed descriptions of Heaven and Hell, gripping stories of God's Mercy, His obvious signs and wonders, and mainly God's personal invitation to accept His mercy before His justice arrives.

We do not know the hour when God's wrath will come upon us, but we know that His judgment is awaiting millions of people who are dying outside His friendship. How many of our own family members, friends and co-workers could be among those that could be lost?

How can we bring them to know God's divine Hymn of Love? How can we rekindle our own faith? How can we bring our lukewarm churches back to life?

The book Heaven is Real, But So is Hell is one major attempt to draw them and inspire them to search the TLIG messages. We can get this book into bookstores, coffee houses, colleges, churches, libraries, airports, and onto the New York Times Bestseller List so that the media will take notice and Heaven, Hell, and God's redemption will be known.

We have a plan to accomplish this, and all we need is you. Thank you in advance for helping to make this book known around you and to all TLIG, using the flyer. Those who read English can already order it on line and help to make it become a bestseller.

Please know that I am personally praying for you and your family, asking God to bless you and use you for His Glory.

In Christ, Vassula


This book will be published in English by ALEXIAN around Easter 2013 in North America; other countries and other languages are to follow. You can already order your copy NOW from wherever you are on line from one of the listed suppliers. Your priority copy will be delivered to your doorstep before the book reaches the bookshops:

AMAZON at www.amazon.com BARNES AND NOBLE at www.barnesandnoble.com BOOKS-A-MILLION at www.booksamillion.com

And please extend your support to family and friends by ordering individual copies for them as well. Evangelisation starts at home! Thank you for supporting Vassula in her ministry and helping the TLIG messages to reach out. God bless you. For Vassula and the Publishers: Foundation for True Life in God. January 2013