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Vassula Ryden claims that her prayer groups prevented a meteor from crashing on earth

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(ERRATA: The below article has been corrected in the following way: 1) The 2009 prayer received by Vassula was from "the Lord" and not "our Lady". 2) The message Vassula received from "our Lady" was in 2008 and not 2009. Corrected on May 7, 2010)

In an open letter dated April 24 and published in her official website with the title “Iceland Volcano, Meteor in USA and Prophecy update and Explanation from Vassula”, the seer claims that both the eruption of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano and the US Midwest meteor sighting were predicted in her True Life in God (TLIG) messages and their effect diminished through a prayer given to her by "the Lord" in 2009 to be said in Ryden’s prayer groups. (In 2007, the Vatican advised against the participation of the faithful in those groups.) The seer also says that if ecclesiastic authorities continue “forbidding God to speak” and “advise the faithful not to listen either, forbidding them to attend to meetings of TLIG and thus preventing them from kowing God’s will”, people will not convert and then the “chastisement by fire” will be terrible.


“God knew about this meteorite heading close to earth”, Vassula writes, and that is why she was given a prayer in November 28, 2009 mentioning a “star at the horizon”. She believes it was a “bargaining prayer” (she compares it to Abraham’s bargaining for the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah) that diminished God’s “wrath” and spared the US Midwest from disaster and mitigated the effect of the volcanic eruption in Iceland.

Vassula Ryden reminds her readers that her messages had also predicted 9/11 and the 2004 tsunami. The reason for these disasters - and those to come - is the world’s rejection of God. She writes:

Why would God, so loving, some people would say, do this to us? The Lord Jesus replied when this question was put to Him by me: “If you die, it is because of your apostasy”.

Our Lord is warning us that, because of our apostasy, we are endangering the cosmos – not only the earth, but the entire cosmos, provoking nature to rebel against us. (…)

And referring to the message she received from “our Lady” in 2008, Vassula explains:

Our Lady said that the earth is in danger and will suffer with fire. God’s wrath cannot be sustained any longer and it will fall on them because man refuses to break with sin. (…) The time has come where the household of God will be tested and those who refused His Mercy will taste God’s Fire. I asked her about the people of the Church who persecute us and are blind to His Words of Mercy [= the TLIG messages]. Our Lady said that these too will undergo what they deserve.(…)

[Our Lady said that] those who truly love God are blessed and should not fear in those days. (…) that She is pleased will all the priests (the clergy) who share and promote those Works of God - as those of True Life in God and who are open to the Spirit - and should remain confident because they received special graces from the Spirit of God and that through the Spirit they grew stronger in the Lord and to His plan of salvation. That Christ grants them His peace.


Mrs. Ryden believes that Jesus has given her the mission to “pass on to the world the Word of God” as it is revealed to her in the True Life in God messages. She writes:

“Many ecclesiastics are forbidding God to speak to His people as He does now, and advise the faithful not to listen either, forbidding them to attend to meetings of TLIG and thus preventing them from knowing God’s Will. They are not better than Jesus’ disciples in their disbelief. When Christ resurrected and “appeared to the Eleven”, the Bible says (Mk 16, 14-15) “while they were at table, He reproached them for their incredulity and obstinacy, because they had refused to believe those who had seen Him after He had risen.”

This is a mild reproach compared to a prior letter of January 10, 2002 where Vassula accused those who openly criticize TLIG of being guilty of mortal sin and of sin against the Holy Spirit, quoting Jesus as saying that they are “the enemies of the whole human race” and that “Justice will send them down to the underwold”.


Her latest letter ends with an extract of the TLIG message of February 13, 1993 where “Jesus” explains what he will do to us if we don’t convert:

“The sixth seal is about to be broken and you will all be plunged into darkness (…) out of My Cup of Justice I will make you ressemble snakes; vipers. I will make you crawl on your belly and eat dust in these days of darkness; I will crush you to the ground to remind you that you are not better than vipers… you will suffocate and stifle in your sins; in My anger I will tread you down, trample you in My wrath! (…) Then when My wrath will be appeased, I will set My Throne in each one of you and together with one voice and one heart and one language you will praise Me, the Lamb.”


Who is Vassula Ryden?

Vassula Ryden started to write down messages in 1985, when she was contacted by her “guardian angel Daniel” who manifested itself by moving Vassula’s hand outside of her own control forming words and drawings. The angel was later replaced by “Jesus”, who through the same means started to write down messages, which he told Vassula to call “True Life in God”.

The messages are written in a handwriting different from Vassula's normal one and called "hieratic", sacred or holy by her supporters. Several experts in spiritism and New Age (Fr. Mitch Pacwa, Fr. François-Marie Dermine, Ingerlise Provstgaard, Marie-France James) have identified it as automatic writing, although Vassula categorically denies it. The content of the messages is religious, a sort of revival of biblical texts and teachings from the Catholic and Orthodox Churches, with a tendency towards apocaliptic themes and prophecies.

Vassula has tried since the beginning to obtain approval from the Catholic Church (although she declares herself Greek Orthodox). In fact, the majority of her followers, including clergy, are Roman Catholics. Both the Catholic and Greek Orthodox Churches have issued serious warnings regarding her writings and activities, but nevertheless she counts on the support of a few high-ranking clergy, which is enough for her followers to believe her claim that the Pope supports her but that there is a conspiracy against her in the Vatican responsible for the negative documents issued regarding her messages and activities.

The lack of recognition from ecclesiastic authorities and the criticism voiced by observers and ex-followers, have been interpretated by Vassula’s supporters as a repetition of history: present Church authorities do not recognize Jesus speaking through Vassula, as 2000 years ago Jews did not recognize Jesus as the Messiah. Therefore “TLIG clergy” [sic] and lay followers are the “new apostles” who are called by Christ to “evangelize” the TLIG messages. A long-time follower described her as “one of God’s great Prophets, comparable with the Prophets of the Old Testament. The prophecy of the True Life in God messages is not an optional extra. This treasure from God is one of God's great gifts to mankind. If rejected, it really does seem to me to amount to the unforgivable rejection of the Holy Spirit” (http://www.tlig.net/newphpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=1576&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=16 ).


Maria Laura Pio

May 2010