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Mother Angelica (EWTN)

and the True Life in God messages

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Added on September 9, 2004


Catholics around the world are generally familiar with Mother Angelica's Catholic TV network EWTN. Since the publication of the 1995 Notification, EWTN has warned about the TLIG writings and contributed greatly to make the Notification known, understood and respected.

I was recently sent a transcription of two 1995 programs of "Mother Angelica Live", in which TLIG was discussed. In the November program, Mother Angelica explains the content of the Notification. In the December program, Mother Angelica's guest is the reknown theologian Fr. Mitch Pacwa, S.J., Ph.D., familiar to most through his EWTN specials. He is also a professor, author, retreat and pilgrimage leader. His first book, "Catholics in the New Age", was published in 1992. Since then, he has taught on the subject around the world. He currently teaches theology at the University of Dallas (USA).

In the program, Fr. Pacwa explains some of the mistakes contained in the messages, particularly the confusions regarding the Persons of the Holy Trinity, with the corresponding citations. He also shares a a personal experience he had with Vassula and her spiritual director when publishing some of his objections regarding the messages. Intimidating techniques were used in order to try to obtain his silence. Unfortunately, this kind of behavior is not an exception within TLIG (see www.pseudomystica.info/tligmortalsin.htm).

The program transcriptions were made in an amateur way by a person whose mother tongue is not English. I propose here the texts as they were forwarded to me (only minimum editing has been done). Although some parts may be difficult to understand, it is nevertheless easy to grasp the main points:

Mother Angelica Live, December 1995 - Guest: Fr. Mitch Pacwa

Mother Angelica Live, November 1995 - Guests: Bob and Penny Lord - EN00516A.gif (885 bytes)Audio File available here


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