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Mother Angelica Live (EWTN) - November 1995

Mother Angelica and her guests Bob and Penny Lord discuss the True Life in God messages

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Added on September 9, 2004 - Audio file added on March 16, 2005


WARNING: the following transcription is not official. It was made in an amateur way by a person who was viewing the program. For more information, please read: www.pseudomystica.info/tligangelica.htm. I therefore recommend hearing the audio file.

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Series Name: Mother Angelica Live

Pg. Name: Visionaries, Mystics and Stigmatists

Guest: Bob and Penny Lord

Date Programmed: November 1st, 1995


M. A: I got a Notification from the Holy See today and the Notification is from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Some of you will be happy and some of you not happy, some of you very angry. But I must tell you what the Congregation said and from then on you have to take it into your heart and think about it, huh?

"Many bishops and priests, religious and lay people sought an authoritative judgement from the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith, on the activities of Mrs. Vassula Ryden, a Greek orthodox who resides in Switzerland. A calm attentive examination of the entire question undertaken by the Congregation to test the spirit. There are a number of basic elements that must be considered:

- The way in which these alleged revelations have occurred

- The ambiguous language used, in speaking of the Trinity

- That the Antichrist will prevail in the Church

- That the glorious intervention which will initiate on earth an era of peace, that looks very much like Millenniarism. A pan-Christian Community contrary to Catholic doctrine. The habitually sharing in the Sacraments of the Catholic church, although she is not Catholic putting herself up as an ecclesiastic jurisdiction over canonical norms and creating an ecumenical disorder"

Now, that’s been done, I feel you need to examine yourself.And we were talking this morning, a sister and I, why does everybody run to every visionary real and not real in the world? My personal opinion, I am going to give it to you (laugh). I never held one back yet (laugh). My personal opinion is, that, we are not being fed the Truth, catechetically, theologically, philosophically or any other "ically" you can find. (umh) When people don’t know the Truth, or they’re confused in regard to the Truth, meaning other things that are presented to them, instead of Truth. When the Catechism taught is not authentic, is not really Catholic. When your church is devoid of anything devotional. We’re people, we are human beings and we feel and we are inspired by what we see, we’re inspired by our senses. When all that is lacking and slowly whatever remains being taken away, the people are going to go to real or imaginary visionaries, ascetics, mystics and so forth. Why? (sigh) you don’t get it in one place, you’re going to go to another and that is one of the sad things in today's society. We, we need to be fed not with the imaginary, not with half Truth, or errors, we need to be fed of the Truth and the beauty, the awesome beauty of Our Church, her spirituality and her Saints…


Q: Hello, Mother Angelica?

M.A: Where are you from?

Q: I am from Maryland.

M.A: And what is your question?

Q: If you could clear for me. I live in an area where a lot of people buy Vassula’s books and her videos and I am very concerned because I also have some of her materials. Could you please clarify for me briefly the "letter" that you read earlier in your program?

M.A: Well, let’s go, ah, I am really going to get in the hot water, but I’ve rather never mind the hot water. I find it, kind of cozy (laugh). You got the same as the Poem of the Man-God. The Poem of the Man-God has some awesome heresies in it. They are just awesome. I mean you look and you say huh? Now the Holy See has stated I think that if you read these books as absolute gospel Truth, they are not. But if you’re reading them, knowing there are many errors, but for devotion, they’re giving a kind of a half way "okay". But you’ve got to know that there are great errors in those books. A lot of mails came in, and if you’re going to complain, put a dollar with every complain (laugh).

The Notification here is for Vassula Ryden, it is important, very important; because of the things in her writings, in the way it happened, I say that, it’s kind of an automatic writing, and it’s, I just thought ire about that. We can take for example, I think there are many ways and many visionaries, in all that are not really authentic today. But people who go to these places, they seem to receive a lot of graces, but it is not because of the Mystics.

P: That’s right,

M.A: or the Seers or the miracles, it’s because of their faith in God.

P: That’s right,

M.A: And that’s why when they took away from us, the real presence of the Eucharist, and they keep saying it’s only a symbol, they take away the beauty of what the Church should have, because it’s the temple of the Lord. When taken all that away, then we go at every time to Dick and Harry who had. It’s like the man who went to this man, who has a beautiful boat, and said: "The Lord told me this morning you are to give me the boat ". The man said "yeah"? He said "yes", he said "well when the Lord tells me, I’ll give it to you" (laugh). So we, we have to be very careful, you know, the human going around, saying "the Lord says this", "the Lord says that", "the Lord says this" etc… My employees do this, if they want something they say "Mother said" (laugh),

P: Does it work?

M.A: well it works only for a little while, until Mother finds out the word. So I think what is wrong here, I think what the Holy See is saying, is that the automatic writing, the Trinitarian, it’s a very mixed up doctrine of the Trinity. The ante coming of the Anti-Christ millenniarism, the thousand years of peace, (umh) this idea of the Church meaning everybody is the same bracket and the same boot. That’s, that’s the World Religion!

B: True

M.A: You see a Mystic, a so called Mystic could be the foundation of brain-washing all the people, and to thinking we’re fine, we have One God, One Lord and everybody’s belief is the same! Ha, I am not believing in that God, I am not going to believe that word, because that is not true! See, there is One Lord, there is One Jesus, but you can’t have One World Religion. You can’t put, you can’t say all religions are alike, all religions are the same. They are not, they are not the same. And you cannot say what happens if the Anti-Christ comes and He comes performing all these miracles? And all, and are you going to run to him?

B: They do.

M.A: See, are you going to run to the Mystics who’ll give you food and that’s what Our Lord said "You just come to me because I sent you, you really believe in Me".

B: That’s right,

M.A: See you’ve got to understand that thing like this! When the Holy See comes out and says there is a tremendous amount of errors in these works. Well, personally I just wouldn’t read them anymore. Why? Because you can’t be a little bit "pregnant" (laugh), so you can’t be a little bit in error, you see, because if you read one error after another, then you begin to absorb the error.


M.A: When you get this kind of error, don’t be angry when the Church has the duty to tell you.

P: Well you know Mother, what they remind me of, is that we are only children. Right, we are only children. I remember how I got upset when my mother and father told me "well, no you can’t do that, that is not acceptable, you can’t see that person!" But when we get a little older, boy, don’t we pray for them, thank God for the gift of them. And we have a mother that’s our Church, and we have a father, that’s our Pope. And that’s simple.

B: We have in a Scripture passage that the Lord gave us just about this: "In the last days, if anyone comes to you and says, lo here is the Christ, so there He is, don’t believe it, for false Christs and false prophets will arise and show great signs and wonders so as to lead astray, if possible even the elects" Mathew 24-25.

M.A: We must be extremely careful, careful, careful, because the Devil, St. Peter said, goes around a roaring like lion, picking someone to devour. (sigh) Read the Gospel, be sure it’s not inclusive Like this, and be sure it’s not political correct. All of that is a glorifying Satanism! Because it, too, desires one thing, to destroy the Word of God and making it so, ah… change the meaning. If I say he was born human. So what do you think he is? Half a bear or something? (laugh), You got to say, is he a man or a woman? It is so ridiculous. So please today, (sigh) read the Gospel, go to a legitimated holy Mass, say your rosary, cling to the Church. Not the American church, or the German church, or the English church, there is One Church and One universal Church, cling to it, you’ll never have another worry. I have never been confused. No Catholic should ever be confused, if you know the Truth, you know who is right and who is wrong.


Q: …you just reiterate from your pamphlet there as to what the Truth really is.

P: Right, you know, I think that is one of the bigger problems I have of these "alleged visionaries" …If anything they are harming any form of Ecumenism because these Protestants do not understand, the ambiguous, this confusion that these "alleged visionaries" that is not the teaching of the Church.

B: We believe that if you stay within the realm of the Church. What the Church accepts and rejects, what the Church rejects, there’ll be no confusion, no ambiguity. It’s only when we start running all over the places to "alleged visionaries" and "alleged mystics".


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