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Announcement by the Orthodox Church of Cyprus regarding Vassula Ryden

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On January 13, 2012 the Synodical Committee for Matters of Heresy of the Greek Orthodox Church of Cyprus has issued an announcement in Greek published on their official website (http://www.churchofcyprus.org.cy/article.php?articleID=2129). An English translation has been made available by the website of the Greek Monastery of Pantokrator of Thessaloniki (http://www.impantokratoros.gr/7F397BAC.en.aspx). We copy the announcement hereunder:


Synodical Committee for
Matters of Heresy
Holy Archdiocese of Cyprus
13 January 2012.


Topic: The heretical positions of Vassiliki (Vassula) Pendakis-Ryden.

Over the last few days Vassula Ryden has been appearing in the media, giving lectures and trying to come into contact with bishops and priests, giving the impression that she presents and teaches the Orthodox Christian faith. In reality, her teachings are heretical, and her claims that she communicates directly with Christ are fantastical and outside of the spirit of the experience of our Church. 

Seeing that she tries, not only in Cyprus, to present herself as Orthodox and that she possesses certificates of Orthodoxy from bishops, we cite the Ecumenical Patriarchate's explicit announcement regarding this matter, so that Orthodox Christians may know exactly what it pertains to: (Click here)

Source (greek): http://www.churchofcyprus.org.cy/article.php?articleID=2129

Translated by the Holy Monastery of Pantokrator



NOTE: According to the website www.cyprus.com, 78% of Greek Cypriots belong to the Orthodox Church of Cyprus. In the documentation presented to the Judge by Mrs Ryden's lawyers in their lawsuit against the website Infovassula.ch, they stated that: "Even if the Patriarchate has indeed asked Mrs Ryden to cease her activities among the orthodox community, one has to admit that Mrs Ryden has submitted to the Patriarchate's will. Indeed, since the Patriarchate's communication, Mrs Ryden has only participated in conferences that took place exclusively in northern Europe, where the Orthodox Church is almost absent." (see: http://www.pseudomystica.info/thenarrowdoor.htm).

Added January 18, 2012.